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Safety + Efficiency Plans

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Conditions Governing Safety + Efficiency Plans

  1. Service + Efficiency Plans will be applied to accounts monthly on 12-month terms, beginning on the date Chalmers Fuels accepts the customers application and automatically renewing each year on the Anniversary date, unless otherwise specified.
  2. Regular service hours are understood as being Monday - Friday from 8:00AM to 4:00PM (excluding holidays), outside this timeframe is considered Overtime and such calls will be charged at prevailing service rates (+Plus plan is an exception).
  3. Prices are quoted per heating unit, acceptable additional units can be added at discount of $3.99/ea. + HST.
  4. Customer must receive fuel for appliance being serviced exclusively from Chalmers Fuels. Obligations under the Agreement shall immediately terminate if the Customer switches suppliers and premiums are understood as being non-refundable.
  5. On any overdue accounts or invoices, a 2% interest charge will be applied monthly, 24% per annum.
  6. Chalmers Fuels liability hereunder shall not extend to damage or failures caused by fire, floor, war, labour disruption, Acts of God, Government authority or anything else beyond Chalmers Fuels reasonable control.
  7. Chalmers Fuels reserves the right to determine whether any parts shall be replaced for the proper, safe and efficient operation of the Unit. In addition, Chalmers is not obligated to service equipment with design defects or those that are unserviceable. Chalmers will notify the customer should this problem occur during the terms of this agreement.
  8. Chalmers Fuels reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel plans for reasons of obsolete or decrepit equipment. In the case of obsolete equipment, the Plan will be cancelled immediately and the customer will be reimbursed pro rata. In the case of a customer-cancelled subscription the plan will be billed out in full on the following statement.
  9. The customer may cancel the Plan no less than thirty days in advance of the Anniversary date. Notice of cancellation must be received in writing either by e-mail or sent by mail.

I accept these conditions.